sábado, 30 de julho de 2011

Cover Hanna Barbera one

Fan Art-
Portugues Brasil:

Eu simplesmente inventei um roteiro sem final, e elaborei os "Sketchs" e paginas, ou seja a obra não existe! ela não é uma cópia de nenhuma versão dos estudios Hanna-Barbera ! Ela foi Produzida simplesmente como um Fan Art, sem fins Lucrativos !
Fiz essa revista em quadrinhos sem fins lucrativos!!! Apenas com o objetivo de gostar muito desse personagem.
Foi atraves dos Criadores William Hanna e Joseph Barbera " principal : tom and jerry" que comecei a desenhar. Entre outros da época Walter Lantz, Ed Barge,...

Formato Americano com 32 paginas! Respeitando os direitos autorais dos autores originais ( William Hanna e Joseph Barbera)
logo postarei os restantes dessa obra

Agradeço a todos aqui presente! Um grande obrigado .

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Fan Art-
I just invented a script without end, and constructed the "sketches" and pages, or the work does not exist! it is not a copy of any version of the Hanna-Barbera studios! It was produced simply as a Fan Art, non-profit!

I made this comic book nonprofit! Just in order to really like this character.
It was through the breeders William Hanna and Joseph Barbera "main: tom and jerry" I started to draw. Among others of the time Walter Lantz, Ed Barge, ...

U.S. time with 32 pages! Respecting the copyrights of the original authors (William Hanna and Joseph Barbera)
soon I'll post the rest of this work

I thank all present here! A big thank you.

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domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

Medieval Knights


Text 1 : I started with a light blue outline, then the set with pencil 3b, the third stage the artwork, which was made with nankin Color Black and finally used to color the CS5 a "simple drawings of 4 stages"

Text 2 : The knights were warriors who were part of the nobility. In the Middle Ages (fifth to the fifteenth centuries), the war was very common and the feudal lords and kings required riders to make the protection of the feud or conquer new lands and wealth. The more noble knights had one, would be the largest military power.

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terça-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2011

Sketchbook 2010

Celãoxxx always carries a sketchbook, this is an exact replica of his actual book, full of beautiful gestures and 'on the spot' drawings, required reference material for any artist seeking to become a character designer.